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Free courses for unpaid carers

2017 – 2018

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We can deliver courses in the way that suits you. If you have a ready made group and the dates below aren’t suitable contact us. We can do evenings weekends, half days whatever suits.  We can also deliver a course to your needs you might want a mixture of several courses – talk to us.

 Caring for carers (3 day course)

Free three day course for any unpaid carer

Caring for Carers ( 1 day course)

Free one day course for any unpaid carer

 Caring for Dementia carers

Free two day course for unpaid carers caring for someone experiencing Dementia

 Dementia Carers: Preparing for Change

A free two day course for carers caring for someone experiencing Dementia. This course will  explore choices around  if or when a person may require long term care

Pencil This In

             Free two day course – for unpaid carers caring for someone experiencing mental ill health

Listen, Talk, be Heard

A one day free course for unpaid carers. Unravel the art of communication and learn to use effective communication

Managing Stress in your Caring Role

A one day course to help carers manage stress in their caring role

Coping strategies

A one day course to help carers develop and use healthy coping strategies

Making time for Art for Carers

NEW –  two day course supporting carers to manage their caring role through Art


NEW – Introductory sessions to Mindfulness

Singing for carers

NEW – Singing for carers,  singing is the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed

Caring for Cancer Carers

A free two day course for carers caring for someone with cancer

  Mentoring and Coaching 

Free one day course helping carers who need to focus on areas of their lives that will enable them to develop and move forward

Please see below for details and application forms.

Please note each course has its own application form

If you are interested in attending any of the carers courses please complete an application form  (download and save to documents, you cannot complete the application on this website) and either email as an attachment to or post to Promas Caring for People CIC, Unit 6 Wheal Agar, Tolvaddon Business Park, Wheal Agar, Pool, Cornwall, TR14OHX


Promas CIC can provide volunteer transport (TAP).

 If you are unable to access our courses due to transport issues and you fit the following criteria please contact us so we can arrange transport for you.

  • The carer has no transport of their own and there is no or limited public transport
  • The carer does not drive
  • The carer has a disability
  • The carer would benefit from attending the courses but is unable to, due to a lack of transport.

Caring for carers 3 Day course

This 3 day course aims to help carers understand themselves and learn new skills in their caring role.  It aims to increase  well being, quality of life and self management by learning strategies that will help carers to cope and manage in their caring roles. We aim to prevent isolation and loneliness by demonstrating that carers are not alone in their experiences or feelings and we will be able to connect them into all of the community activities that are currently available. This will enable them to take a proactive approach into their caring roles and sustain them in the future and prevent them from becoming unwell.Some of the subjects covered are as follows:

  • Introduce the concept of caring
  • Identifying what type of carer you are
  • Introduction to the Impacts of Caring.
  • An Introduction to Coping Strategies
  • Creating strategies for calm living
  • An introduction to being aware of our individual needs and listening to ourselves
  • An introduction to asking for what you need
  • Some techniques for assertiveness and boundary setting
  • Introduction to Taking care of ourselves and the skills needed to do this effectively
  • Introduction on contingency planning and having some down time
  • Looking at a typical day and identifying ways of reducing stressors

Course dates and locations

  • Bodmin –  7th, 8th and 9th of November 2017
  • Truro – 25th, 26th and 27th April 2018
  • Bodmin – 11th, 12th and 13th September 2018
  • Hayle – 27th, 28th and 29th November 2018

Application form   Applications 2017   and   Applications 2018  click to download to documents or desktop to complete


Caring for Carers one day course

A one day free course for any carer, this is a shortened version of the above three day course. This course is helpful for carers who are unable to attend 3 days.

Course dates and locations

  • Penzance- Pengarth Day Center – choose from two dates for a three hour session                                        9th October 3pm – 6pm or 21st of October 10am – 1pm  2017
  • St Austell – 27th February 2018
  • Liskeard – 10th May 2018
  • Pool – 16th June 2018
  • Launceston – 16th October 2018

Application form Applications 2017   and  Applications 2018 click to download to documents or desktop to complete


‘Pencil This In’

Are you looking after someone who is experiencing mental health issues?

This  2 day course is designed especially to help unpaid carers who are looking after a family member or friend experiencing mental health issues.

  • Understanding ourselves
  • Understanding Mental ill health and its effect on communication, perception, behaviour and relationships
  • Dealing with unexpressed emotion
  • Anger Management
  • Through the medium of pencil drawing carers will be able to express their feelings and emotions in a creative environment
  • Healthy coping strategies
  • Mental Health resources
  • Identifying future needs

Course dates and locations

  • Truro 26th and 27th of September 2017
  • Truro – 20th and 21st March 2018
  • Bodmin – 3rd and 4th July 2018
  • Penzance – 4th and 5th December 2018

Application form – Application 2017  and Applications 2018  click to download to documents or desktop to complete



Caring for Dementia Carers

Course content

  • Symptoms of Dementia
  • Communication techniques (how dementia impacts on communication, perception and relationships)
  • Understanding and learning healthy coping strategies when caring for someone living with dementia
  • Understanding how to respond in a positive way to someone living with dementia
  • Understanding the grief process
  • Adjusting and understanding new behaviours associated with people experiencing dementia
  • Relating to people experiencing dementia in different ways
  • Stress and conflict management
  • Contingency planning and asking for help
  • Accessing local resources

Course dates and locations

  • Bude – 20th and 21st September 2017
  • Penzance – 10th and 11th October 2017
  • Truro – 6th and 7th of December 2017
  • Launceston – 24th and 25th January 2018
  • Penzance – 17th and 18th April 2018
  • Bude – 19th and 20th September 2018
  • St Austell – 14th and 15th November 2018

 Application form – Applications 2017  and Applications 2018 click to download to documents or desktop to complete


Dementia Carers: Preparing for Change

Anyone who is looking after a relative or friend living with dementia and wants to explore the option of long term care. The course is also suitable for relatives that have been through the process of a loved one moving in to long term care recently.

This FREE Two day course covers:

  •  Recognising when change needs to happen
  •  Understanding grief and making sense of emotions
  •  How to recognise good dementia care
  •  Understanding the process involved in choosing suitable care homes
  •  The role of the care quality commission
  •  Managing transitions both practically and emotionally

 Course dates and locations

  • Truro – 25th and 26th October 2017
  • Launceston – 22nd and 23rd May 2018

Application form – Application 2017  and Applications 2018 click to download to documents or desktop to complete


Listen, Talk be Heard

A one day course for unpaid carers

It sounds so simple: say what you mean. But all too often, what we try to communicate gets lost in translation despite our best intentions. We say one thing, the other person hears something else, and misunderstandings, frustration, and conflicts ensue.You can learn how to communicate more clearly and effectively . On this course you can improve the communication skills that enable you to effectively connect with others, build trust and respect, and feel heard and understood. Learn to listen, talk and be heard. The course will offer practical skills in communicating your needs to others and being able to ask for help.

Course dates and locations

  • Liskeard – 16th of November 2017
  • Penzance – 26th January 2018
  • Truro – 28th September 2018

Application form – Application 2017 and Applications 2018 click to download to documents or desktop to complete


Managing stress in your caring role

This is a one day course covering :

  • Identifying stress
  • How to recognise when you are stressed
  • Impacts of stress
  • Strategies to manage stress and anxiety

Course dates and locations

  • Tolvaddon – 15th of November 2017
  • Penzance – 7th February 2018
  • Pool – 3rd March 2018
  • Bude – 13th March 2018
  • Truro – 13th July 2018
  • Pool – 9th November 2018


Application form – Stress Tolvaddon 2017 and Applications 2018   click to download to documents or desktop to complete

Coping Strategies

This one day course will look at different areas of carers lives and will help to build and develop effective coping strategies enabling carers to stay well and help them manage their caring roles

Course dates and locations

  • Bodmin – 16th November 2017
  • Bodmin – 28th February 2018
  • Bude – 14th March 2018
  • Penzance – 10th July 2018
  • Pool – 20th October 2018

Application form – Applications 2017 and Applications 2018  click to download to documents or desktop to complete



Making Time for Art for Carers

  • Learn to draw using watercolour pencils – understanding materials and exploring techniques
  • Learn to make a personalised notebook using the sewn signatures method
  • Combine these skills to create a notebook for use as a wellbeing diary/positive memories book/sketchbook
  • Facilitated discussions throughout the day focussing on carer specific strategies, sharing tips and signposting to services and opportunities in the local community
  • Peer support as well as individual learning opportunities for the benefits of reflection and shared experiences

Course dates and locations

  • Penzance – 13th February 2018
  • Truro – 15th of June 2018
  • Liskeard 4th of November 2018

Application form –Applications 2018  click to download to documents or desktop to complete



Introductory sessions to Mindfulness

When you’re mindful, you carefully observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to your current experience, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future.

Course dates and locations

  • Truro – 20th March 2018
  • Penzance – 24th April 2018

Application form –Applications 2018 click to download to documents or desktop to complete


Singing for Carers

Group singing is the one thing in life where feeling better is pretty much guaranteed.

There are many benefits from singing: physically, emotionally and socially.

1. Singing exercises our lungs. It tones up our intercostal muscles and our diaphragm.

2. It can improve our sleep
3. We benefit our hearts and circulation by improving our aerobic capacity and we decrease muscle tension.
4. Our facial muscles get toned.
5. Our posture improves.
6. We can become more mentally alert.
7. Sinuses and respiratory tubes are opened up more
8. There is a release of pain relieving endorphins.
9. Our immune system is given a boost enabling us to fight disease.
10. It can help reduce anger and depression and anxiety

1. Increase in self esteem and confidence
2. It increases feelings of wellbeing
3. It enhances mood
4. Useful as a stress reducer
5. It can increase positive feelings
6. Encourages creativity
7. It can be energizing
8. It evokes emotion

1. It enables you to meet more people

3. Brings people together and encourages a sense of community
4. Offers opportunity for giving and receiving positive feedback
5. Support
6. Provides a safe environment to try new skills

Course dates and locations

  • Truro – 10th Febuary 2018
  • Penzance –  12th of February 2018
  • Truro – 29th of September 2018
  • Penzance – 15th October 2018

Application form –Application 2018  click to download to documents or desktop to complete

Mentoring and Coaching

The FREE one day  coaching and mentoring  course helping carers who need to focus on areas of their lives that will enable them to develop and move forward. It is not a counselling service and while personal issues may arise that are not connected with the coaching and mentoring project Promas CIC will signpost/refer carers to appropriate services to address these needs.

Course dates and locations

  • Pool – 18th May 2018

Application form –Applications 2018  click to download to documents or desktop to complete


Update courses

One day UPDATE for all carers  who have attended one of our courses 8 – 12 months after initial attendance. No application needed we will contact you.

  • Liskeard – 9th May 2018
  • Penzance – 5th June 2018
  • Truro – 4th October 2018

 Caring for Cancer Carers

Course content

  • Type of carer
  • Challenges you are facing
  • Understanding and making sense of how you feel and how the person being cared for feels
  • Emotional barriers common in trauma and grief
  • Understanding the illness and treatments
  • Dealing with professional appointments
  • Grief process
  • Communicating and expressing emotions
  • Coping with the unexpected
  • Resources
  • Time out

This course is available on request