Meet the team

Welcome to the Promas staff page, below is a brief introduction to us.


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We are a team of two professional facilitators who have worked together extensively for the past eight years. We have vast experience of delivering training and development to public and voluntary organisations. We have a range of experience individually which includes operational and policy work for the NHS, Social Services, Education services and voluntary organisations in the UK and abroad. Between us we have worked in the following managerial roles, director, senior manager and manager. A big part of our working roles has been to manage large teams in order to achieve the following: health, education, employment, outcomes and targets, sourcing funding and managing budgets, project management on a local and national level and contract management. These experiences and skills have enabled us to bring a real life approach to all of the training and development we deliver.

Our core work

We have extensive professional experience of working with unpaid carers and a strong commitment and passion to helping carers to learn new skills to help them stay healthy in their caring roles. Our understanding and compassion comes from personal experience in this area. Our professional backgrounds gives us the skills to write and deliver innovative and relevant courses for carers, which we have been doing since 2011.

We are driven to ensure all unpaid carers ( Cornwall to start with) get the support and recognition they rightly deserve and need.

Central to our working ethos is our commitment to the inclusive working and the principles of equality and diversity; this is at the core of all of our work.

Bespoke training  

We have undertaken work in the following area –  carers awareness training to professionals.


Non -Executive Directors – Volunteers

Derek Jones derek

Is a retired sales & marketing professional with 45 years experience of high profile commercial environments. Based on continual formal sales training in the early years he gained extensive sales, marketing and customer service experience within consumer products and service industries. His working roles have included salesman, sales manager, sales training manager and sales director as well as development manager, project manager and marketing manager.  These roles have been predominantly within large teams working throughout the UK and Europe.

He operated his own sales consultancy for a 6 year period, as a sole trader, creating and implementing business plans on behalf of small and medium sized businesses in the service industry.

For almost 20 years he was a part time Carer for his adult son, diagnosed with psychosis, assisting his wife. For the last 4 years they have both been full time Carers.  Having gained that experience, he now wishes to be more involved in the plight of unpaid Carers and assist Promas CIC develop people who are Carers with the best practice skills to enable them to continue their caring roles.

Rachel Creed    image2

Has a wealth of experience in business and management. She owned a coffee shop in Truro for a short time which involved all levels of business management and bookkeeping as well as the day to day running.

She worked for Sainsbury’s for 4 years managing a 3 in 1 department with 6 staff on her team.  Apart from the obvious responsibilities of staff training she had  targets to reach as well as 3 separate companies to report and feedback target plans to.  She was on the staff council representing the whole of the grocery team which helped to build confidence in public speaking.

She was sales and training manager for Bakers Delight in Australia for 6 years.  Being responsible for all bookkeeping, target plans, staff health and safety training, maintaining fundraising, staff meetings, completing financial reports, designing spreadsheets, all customer communications via email, telephone and in person and maintaining confidentiality for the business.

Her last 18 months in Australia was spent as a bookkeeper and receptionist for a natural health clinic where she was responsible for maintaining the Facebook page and website, organising workshops for clients to meet practitioners and learn about their services, developing relationships with all clients, some of who were very emotional or in a lot of pain. She was also responsible for all bill paying, tax returns and budgeting.

Whilst in Australia she also studied Business Management to Certificate 4 level and completed a bookkeeping qualification.

Rachel is a full time carer and has been interested in the development of Promas CIC in the past two years and is excited to join the team where she feels she can help engage more carers to access  Promas CIC.


        Alison Jones

Alison has over 10 years experience as an Administrator, working on international policy conferences in West Sussex. She was responsible for moving the conferences forward from conception to delivery, including registration, booking flights and accommodation, logistics and recording the allocation of funding. She provided administrative and marketing support to the Directors, and managed the operational aspects during the event, including taking care of speakers and participants needs.

For the last 5 years she has been a full-time Carer for her mother and has experienced the emotional and practical challenges this involves. She is excited about helping other Carers learn how to take care of themselves and thrive in this role.

Previously she has volunteered in the office of Arts for Health Cornwall and IOS, where she created new, more sophisticated templates and spreadsheets. She adores cats and is currently learning to paint with acrylics.


Phillippa is retired and spent the majority of her career working for Derbyshire Adult Care and Cornwall Adult Care. The range of services Phillippa has worked with/managed include Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and Dementia. She has held positions ranging from direct care to Operational management and latterly Strategic Management in the position of Commissioning Manager (Learning Disabilities – Cornwall Adult Care.)

Phillippa Swindell

Phillippa Swindell

Two years prior to retirement Phillippa was employed by Cornwall College as Practice Lead and Lecturer on the BA Social Work. She has a wide range of contacts and experience, and was instrumental in developing Cornwall Advocacy and the lead Commissioning Officer (Adult Care) for the closure of Budock Hospital (Falmouth) which led to patients living independently in the community in their own accommodation.

Phillippa has a good understanding of Carers needs (personally and professionally) .


Events volunteers

We have recruited several volunteers in 2017 who have begun to help arrange the  social events that Promas CIC host for unpaid carers. They are all carers themselves and are giving their time to help find brilliant venues with fantastic food and prizes for the raffle.

Irene Stevens

Jean Cowsill

Marie McDermott

Carol Miles